Local weather throughout the year

The United Kingdom is not the place to head if you are looking for cocktails and sunny beaches. However, it can offer visitors as much rain, wind and clouds as they might expect.

Local weather in Cambridge reaches highs of 18°C in August and just 4°C at its lowest in January. No wonder those who can afford it escape to Spain, eh!

However, if you want to don your waterproof coat and go for a walk in the countryside, you won’t be disappointed. The wettest month in the year in the city is August and during this time you’ll encounter an incredible average of 53mm of rain! When you’re finished on your countryside walk, the pub will definitely be calling your name and you can curl up in the warm with a comforting pint. No wonder the UK is famous for its comforting, fattening foods.

In fact, in July, the city gets just six hours of sunlight a day. In those times, you better make sure you’re making the most of it and are outside with friends or enjoying boating on the water!

Thankfully this city has more to offer locals and tourists than good weather. But, as soon as a warm day begins, everyone will be lounging around the parks and making the most of the sunshine.

If you prefer snow, you might also be disappointed as throughout the year there are only around five snow days to enjoy. However, you’ll need that thick coat through winter whether there is snow or not! There is a heavy cloud coverage throughout much of the year in this country, but it could be worse!
If you have any weather news or know of any locals who are plotting the weather, then get in touch. We’d love to feature weather stories on Cambridge Evening News and will be providing updates throughout the year. It’s true – British people do love to talk about the weather.

Local football event

Fans were ecstatic when Cambridge United won a match against Coventry City with a 2-1 victory on Saturday. The team made, out for four, three League Two wins to the joy of crowds and fans. However, it was a very narrow win, creating a fantastic match to watch and be part of. Were you there?

In fact, Coventry were actually level early into the second half due to an unfortunate surprise goal. However, the team pulled it back and luckily, all players were on top form, including; keeper David Forde and strikers Havo Ibehre and Uche Ikpeazu who both scored.
As a result, the atmosphere at the event, as you can imagine was fantastic and the vibe was certainly victorious after the game. The second half saw both teams vying for the ball as the competition heated up.

This post match analysis from the BBC comes down to the fact that the teams were on equal footing in terms of ball possession, with Coventry slightly more in control. Coventry also had more shots, however, in the end Cambridge came out on top.

Forde made two saves, sending the crowd wild. As a result, Coventry fans were heading home feeling rather dejected as they fail convert their chances. However, in Cambridge, the result was a great afternoon in Cambridge and the pubs that evening were a treat to visit.

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Do you have a favourite bookmaker? There are many fantastic online bookmakers who you can bet on next time you’re in Cambridge, whether you’re able to enjoy the game from the sidelines or not!

Police had a shock when they pulled over a van driver

Police had a shock when they pulled over a van driver who has too much cheese on board his van.

The driver was found to have 1,280kg or 2,822 pounds more cheese on board than he was legally allowed to carry. The police were forced to ask the driver to either remove the cheese, or as they joked, eat it.

In fact, the van was a whopping 41% over the legal weight limit for the allowed cheese weight on board – yes there is a weight limit! However, it’s unknown which cheeses were onboard or where they were going.

This discovery was made by police in the area of Sawtry, Cambridgeshire. The result of the van driver’s clash with police was to send for help during the conversation. He was given limited choices, either to remove the cheese, call for help or eat the contents of the van. This would have been an interesting task, but surely anyone in the vicinity at the time would have given a helping hand, if offered!

The driver was allowed by police to remove some of the cheese from the van. After doing this, another van arrived on scene which was able to take away the excess. It’s unknown whether the police were able to sample any of the cheesy delights.

Wondering where exactly this took place? Police made the stop at Weighbridge off the A1. The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire road policing unit were in charge of the discovery. You can follow them on Twitter at: @ROADPOLICEBCH.

Did you witness this event? You can send any pictures or information to our news desk. Simply follow the link on the contact page to get in touch or tweet the team. Any new information is always welcome and will likely make the website. Next time, we recommend anyone travelling with cheese to check the weight limit before they start their journey.


Do you hate trying on clothes?

Do you hate trying on clothes? Visiting a boring clothes store to buy something online when you could be spending your money online, betting on your favourite sports, checking out slot-news.com or simply scrolling down Facebook? (Hey, we don’t judge, online time is different for everyone!)

Well, Tom Adeyoola is an entrepreneur with a mission. He wants to make visiting stores as virtual as online gambling, conversations with friends and book shop browsing. Clothes shopping is something which has been slow to move into the virtual realm.

However, with this new startup, which is called Metail, it’s possible to see yourself in 3D, wearing virtual clothes so you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

The computer technology is from Cambridge University and it suddenly becomes very easy to see a new outfit in 360 degrees. However, touching the fabric, at this point in time, is not possible! For any lazy shoppers out there, you could be using one device to scroll slot-news.com and the other to be buying clothes for that pesky summer wedding you’ve got no interest in attending…

Adeyoola is a Cambridge university graduate. His startup uses the technology to show off clothes, however, it has been a long ride getting to this place. Adeyoola spent time trying to come up with an idea which he wanted to work on. However, he remembered a Cambridge professor who he’d met during research for a project about online gambling.

He remembered how this professor was turning 3D models into photographs using computer technology. Adeyoola is positive his work is needed in the growing market of online clothes buying. However, the questions remains, can he compete with huge names such as ASOS?

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